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Best Practices for Research and Course Guides


Text Style & Standardized Terms


This guide is for archival purposes only.

Please see the new LibGuides Best Practices guide for updated content.

Text Style

  • Avoid All Caps: all caps should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Sparing with Bold: use bold text sparingly. Whole paragraphs should not be bolded.

  • One Font: Better to limit to one font in a guide. One may emphasize by other methods.

  • Avoid Underlining: Underlining text that is not a hyperlink is best avoided as it causes confusion. For the same reason avoid blue hyperlink color for text that is not a link.

  • Mainly Black Text: Keep to black text except, possibly, in headings. Certainly, whole paragraphs should not be in a color other than black.

  • Avoid large blocks: Try breaking up the text with bullet points.

Standardized Terms

It’s important that there’s standardization of frequently used terms. Some examples:

  • Research Guide not LibGuide

  • e-book not ebook (E-book when used in a header or title)

  • e-journal not ejournal (E-journal when used in a header or title)

  • catalog not catalogue

  • web not Web

  • website not web site

  • e-mail noemail (E-mail when used in a header or title)

  • and not & (except in tab or box heading)

  • Interlibrary Loan not ILL

  • Internet / internet: Capitalize when used as a noun (i.e. "on the Internet") but not when used as an adjective  (i.e. "internet resources)

  • Database titles: Italicize except when title is linked