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Building the Collection

Starting Point for German Studies Research

German Literature

First edition (1801) of the play Die Jungfrau von Orleans (The Maid of Orleans) by Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), available in the Burns Library.  Apparently the publisher thought it necessary to include an 1802 calendar to make it more saleable.


German Studies Collection Emphases

The German Studies collection supports undergraduate study of German language, literature, culture and history of Germany, with additional support for research by faculty of the German Studies Department. The Department also offers a Business Track, and materials to support the teaching of business German are collected. The collection also includes English translations of German works. Books and journals published in German-speaking countries as well as the U.S. are collected. Research and study in German Studies relies heavily on materials from other subject collections e.g., History, Music, and Fine Arts.

Current E-Books

A growing percentage of newly published scholarly books are now available in both print and electronic formats. When selecting books in German Studies, e-books are preferred over print when they are essay collections and reference works because they are rarely read cover-to-cover and usage of such works is typically by individual essay or reference article which can be downloaded and printed. When selecting monographs, print is the preferred format. If a print or e-book has been added to the collection, users may always request acquisition of the title in the alternate format. Any e-book selected for the collection must meet the library’s selection criteria for e-books.

More on Collections

For information about how the library collections at Boston College are being developed, go to the Collections page.