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Memory of Repressions

At, a search engine has been launched to facilitate the search for information about Soviet repressions.  The search engine offers the choice of transliteration from Latin to Cyrillic when queries are entered using English descriptions.  In the current version of the search engine, databases and projects of three organizations are involved:

International Memorial (Moscow), – Database of the victims of political repression with over three million entries – List of those executed by Stalin – Это прямо здесь (It is right here) – Database of places in Moscow linked to repression – Overview of individual administrations of correctional labour camps in the USSR


Memorial St. Petersburg (Fond Ioffe), – Necropolis of terror and the Gulag – Database of the memorial graveyard in Sandarmokh – Database of the memorial graveyard in Levashovskaya pustosh (Czech Republic), – Virtual museum of the Gulag, project containing selected information on persecuted Czechoslovaks, Poles and Hungarians and places connected to Soviet acts of repression