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Irish News and Newspapers (Irish Studies)


Current Irish Newspapers

This guide lists news sources for Irish and Irish-American topics in both current and historical Irish newspapers.

Current Papers in Print in O'Neill Library

In most cases O'Neill Library keeps the current 3 months in hardcopy.

  • Derry Journal (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)
  • Irish Emigrant (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)
  • Irish News (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)
  • Irish Voice (New York) (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)

Online Sources

Irish Newspapers through Nexis Uni

There are many Irish Newspapers, both national publications and more local provincial papers available through Nexis Uni. You can specify dates to search, add index terms, or limit your search to specific segments of articles (e.g. headline, byline, lead paragraph).

  • Irish Times (June 1, 1992 - present).
  • Irish News (July 2, 2001 - present).
  • Belfast Telegraph (January 1, 1996 - present).
  • Irish Independent/Sunday Independent (July 24, 2006 - present).
  • Belfast News Letter (January 13, 1997 - September 29, 2006).
  • Belfast News (March 30, 2009 - approximately May 8,2012).
  • News Letter (May 9, 2012 - present)