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Personal Finance


Financial Literacy Overview

This topic guide has two purposes; first, to raise awareness for individuals’ roles in their own personal finance; second, to assist BC students and staff in locating accurate and valuable resources within the collection to make financial decisions


This resource guide includes general financial literacy information and BC resources. It is not meant to be taken as personal finance advice or a substitute for personal finance education.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy: "possessing the financial knowledge, behaviors, systems, team, and plan to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual's personal, family, and global community goals." (National Financial Educators Council)

Need Help?

Learn more about financial literacy through BC's Successful Start website, events, and peer money mentor program. 

If there is a specific finance topic you want to learn more about, the BC library catalog, Overdrive, newspapers, and electronic journals are a good place to start your search.




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