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Finding Braille Editions of ERC Books


Searching for Braille Editions

How to Search for Braille Books in the Library Catalog

Begin by navigating to "Advanced Search" from the library homepage. It will take you here.

Limit search scope to "Educational Resource Center." This will allow you to search only within our collection, without seeing results from other BC libraries.

Choose the search filter "Subject" from the drop-down next to the first blank, reading "Enter a search term."

Enter the subject: "Braille books -- specimens," and click the search button. Your results will look something like this:

Now, you can scroll down, and look through all the pages of results to browse our titles in Braille. You will notice that some are picture books, but others are books whose purpose is to teach parents and children about the Braille system, how to read the letters and numbers, and so on.

Limiting your results by author/creator on the right hand side is another way to browse the collection. For example, if you were to click on "Henkes, Kevin (2)," the catalog would show you the following two picture books, in Braille, by that acclaimed author: