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APSY2041.01 Adolescent Psychology


Search Tips

Sample Advanced Search

Topic: You want to find empirical studies on the influence of the parent child relationship on the development of adolescents. The studies should be peer reviewed journal articles published since 2010 and that are aimed at a professional research-oriented readership. 


Potential Search Strategy: 
An appropriate start is to use the PsycINFO Thesaurus. This Thesaurus consists of controlled vocabulary that provides a way of structuring search terms in a way that is consistent among users. By standardizing the words or phrases used to represent concepts, you don't need to try and figure out all the ways different authors could refer to the same concept. For our search check the Thesaurus for controlled vocabulary corresponding to the concepts "parent child relationship" and "development of adolescents".

2. The controlled vocabulary of "parent child relations" and "adolescent development" are quickly found. Add them to the search boxes and select the option Subject heading (all) - SU in the pull-down menu on the right.

3. Next, select Peer reviewed. 

4. Then, in the Publication date section, choose the specific date range of 2010 to 2015 (you don't need to enter a specific day or month).

5. In Record type select Journal Article.

6. Under Methodology select Empirical Study.  

7. Under Language select English

8. Scroll down to the Age group box  and select Adolescence (13-17 Yrs). 

9. Under Target audience choose Psychology: professional & research.

10. One may sort results in different ways. The most common is the default: Publication date (most recent first).

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