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Collection Development for English


Scope and Collecting Emphases

Guide to the English Collections

This collection serves the needs of the students and faculty in the Boston College English department. The Bibliographer for English selects materials to support teaching curricula and research needs.

Disciplinary Scope and Collecting Emphases

The collection supports the study and teaching of literature written in English, in most cases originating from Great Britain and America, as well as contextual history, criticism, theory, and cultural studies. Films, in the form of dramatic performances, adaptations of literary works, or independent works themselves, are often part of courses’ curricula, and the collection also supports the study and teaching of these, though on a smaller scale than texts. 


The English department is formally associated with the Irish Studies department, the African and African Diaspora Studies program, the American Studies program, the Asian Studies program, and the Journalism program, and the collections support the teaching and research areas of these departments and programs as well.