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A Guide to APA Style 7th Edition


Introducing APA

This guide will introduce you to the basics of APA Style, and will point you to additional tools that will help you master this style.

What is APA Style?

APA guidelines help you:

  • format and structure your findings in your paper
  • cite other authors within the body of your paper
  • compile a references page at the end of your paper

APA Style Books

A Word About Plagiarism

Following citation style rules helps protect you from unintentionally plagiarizing someone else's work. To learn more about plagiarism, please see Boston College's website on academic integrity.


Important Websites

Style and Grammar Guidelines - The APA Style website covers supplementary material to the book on the mechanics of style and structure of your paper. Topics include:

Sample Papers - The APA Style website gives you examples of APA formatted student papers and research papers for publication.

APA Style Blog - Written and maintained by APA staff, the contributors to the blog answer questions about formatting uncommon resources in APA style. For example, the entry on Shortening URLs, is very useful.