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Advanced Search Techniques



Limiters are search tools available on the results page that allow researchers to narrow down their searches based on such options as:

  • whether a source should be peer-reviewed,
  • what the format of the source should be (e.g., book or journal),
  • the date or date range of the publication,
  • the language in which the source is written.

In a database, limiters tend to be below the search box(es) or in the left margin once and initial search has been conducted. If you do not see limiter options on a database search page or on a results page, look for an "advanced search" or "modify search" link.

Limiters Example

In the example below, a search has been conducted in the Atla Religion database for Pope Paul VI AND Vatican II (a Boolean operator based search). On the left, you can see the limiters, which allow for selecting articles that are peer-reviewed, full-text, and open access; the date and date range; the source type; and the subject, publication, publisher, and language.

The Atlas database limiter interface as it appears on the search results page.