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Collection Development for Sociology at the Boston College Libraries


Scope & Collecting Emphases

Guide to the Sociology Collection

This collection serves the needs of the Boston College Sociology Department. The Sociology Bibliographer selects materials based on user requests, curricular needs and knowledge of the discipline.

Disciplinary Scope & Collecting Emphases

The Sociology Collection supports a wide range of research and teaching interests in Sociology at Boston College.  The collection focuses most heavily on the study of aging, environmental sociology, study of families, global sociology, political sociology, sociology of religion, and race, class, and gender studies.

Curriculum and faculty research needs dictate collection strengths and areas of development.  Major publishers include Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press, University of Chicago Press, and Johns Hopkins University Press are preferred.  Commercial publishers such as Routledge, Palgrave Macmillian, and Blackwell are also frequently selected. In addition, selections are made from smaller scholarly presses to fill out the collection.