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Law & Economics


Searching Tips

Research guide for Law & Economics in Business Law

General Search tips

  •  Use quotation marks to search for phrases - "Boston College"
  • Think of synonyms, especially when searching full text - cost/price, prisoner/convict, etc. 
  • Be aware of spelling variations - health care, healthcare
  • Note what terms are being used in your results and use some of those terms in a new search if necessary.
  • In general, when searching full text only enter the most important words of your query.  For instance, if looking for law review articles about whether or not the government should regulate the price of prescription drugs, you may want to use only the words: price and prescription drugs and government.  Change the terms if necessary.
  • Check the footnotes for references to other sources
  • Make sure you find current information.

Selecting law review articles

Most law review articles will have an introduction and an outline of the article at the end of the summary.  Since scholarly articles are usually quite long, reading the introduction and noting the different sections of the article, can be useful in determining which articles to use for your research.

Make sure to find at least one current article that will update the legal issue you are researching.

Searching Nexis Uni

When searching for a particular type of resource (i.e. law review article) use the "Guided Search", not the large search box at the top of the page.