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Collection Development for Islamic Civilization & Societies in the Boston College Libraries


Scope and Collecting Emphases

Guide to the Islamic Civilization & Societies Collection

This collection supports the Islamic Civilization & Societies Program and the need for information and scholarship on Islam, Islamic societies, and the Middle East and North Africa at Boston College.

Disciplinary Scope & Collecting Emphases

The Islamic Civilization & Societies Collection supports a wide range of research and teaching interests.  The collection focuses most heavily on the culture, religion, politics and social conditions of the MENA region and the Muslim experience in the United States and Europe.  The regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia are represented to a lesser degree.  

Curriculum and research needs dictate collection strengths and areas of growth.  This collection provides research level support to topics of faculty interest only.  Countries and ethnic groups outside of the MENA region, Central Asia and India are represented at a minimal level.  Major publishers are university presses, Brill and I.B. Tauris.