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Industry Information: Industry Reports

This Guide focuses primarily on industries in the United States but also identifies some international resources.

Industry Classification Codes

The Federal government classifies manufacturing and service industries and assigns each a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code number in order to promote the comparability of statistics. The codes can be very helpful in doing industry research.

The SIC code has been revised over the years and some code numbers have changed. It is important to be careful when comparing data from different publishers and over a long period of time. Beginning with the 1997 Economic Census, the Census Bureau began using a new North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) (pronounced "nakes") which is more closely aligned with international codes.

Getting Started

The first four databases listed to the right have substantial industry reports.

The other databases in the list are either more specialized or less indepth.

If your industry is not covered in any of these databases you may need to piece the information together from many sources.

Industry Reports

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