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This guide lists key sources of Census data covering both the latest releases from the current 2000 Census and data going back to 1790. Print and electronic sources are included.


This guide provides links to primarily online versions of Census data. There are many additional tools to find current and historic data in addition to open access mapping tools.  If you need help finding Census data or help mapping please contact Barbara Mento, Data/GIS, Government Documents Librarian. 

Census News

For the first time, the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Patterns statistics are now available for the nation’s 435 congressional districts for the 114th Congress. Starting today, the newly updated  My Congressional District Web application includes County Business Patterns data at the congressional district level. This Web application, designed primarily for Congressional audiences and the public, now combines both economic and demographic characteristics.  Combined with the American Community Survey (ACS) data, the app displays demographic, socioeconomic and housing statistics for the nations' communities providing a comprehensive portrait of America's congressional districts.

The County Business Patterns data, provide the only detailed annual information on the number of establishments, employees, and annual payroll for nearly 1,200 industries at the national, state, county and now congressional district levels. The easy-to-navigate application allows users to sort through statistics in a number of categories by selecting a specific district and to quickly display, download, and share the data. This application is powered by The Census Bureau Application Programming Interface (API), always displaying the most recent data.

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