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Undergraduate Research in History


Citation Managers: Zotero in Word

This is a guide for Boston College's undergraduate student population in how to approach historical research.

Page under Construction

This page is currently under construction and far from complete. If you notice broken links or have suggestions, please write the subject librarian an e-mail. 

The Overview

Troubleshooting Zotero in Word

Sometimes the Microsoft Word plugin doesn't load properly. There might be several reason:

  • Try turning your computer off (complete shut down) and on again twice. 
  • Make sure your copy of Microsoft Office is up-to-date. 

If those two attempts don't work, try checking the Zotero troubleshooting page for additional suggestions.

Word Plugin

One of the great things about Zotero is the ability to have it plug into Word and manage your foonotes for you. To do that, you need to make sure you have a working Zotero plugin in Word.


The plugin should download automatically. If it don't, try the Zotero troubleshooting page or contact the software tech support in O'Neill

For additional help

For additional recommendations, contact your subject liaison (Dr. Bee Lehman) at or schedule an appointment with them.