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Getting Started

How to create an account to access the New York TImes provided by Boston College Libraries

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The Boston College Libraries provide access to for current faculty, students and staff. 

How to Access

  • Register using your Boston College email address. Create a NYT password.  
  • Once registered, go directly to to sign in.
  • Difficulty registering off campus?  If you have a "free" subscription or just created an account with your BC email, but are not getting full access, click on the Register link again and click on Create.  Enter the username and password of your free or newly created account.  If you need help, contact Boston College Libraries.
  • For the BC Law School Community: if you are a new subscriber use the link above, if you already have a subscription through the Law School Library please continue to use it for now. 
  • If you have any difficulty with registration, contact: with your Boston College email address.
  • New York Times Privacy Policy, Boston College Libraries Privacy Policy


Q: What if I already paid for a personal subscription to

A: You must cancel your personal subscription before you can activate your account provided by the Boston College Libraries. Contact NYT Customer Care. 

Q. How long is my subscription?

A.  It is good for one year.  After one year you can register again. Graduating seniors will continue to have access until September 30th of their graduation year.

Q. What features are included?

A. Content from 1851 to present. Unlimited pages views/downloads with the exception of 1923-1980 (limited to five per day). Chinese and Spanish language editions.

Q. Are there any restrictions with this offer?

A. Yes, there is no access to the daily crossword puzzle or the cooking app.  Because of copyright restrictions you can only access five articles from 1923-1980 per day.  For older years we recommend using the Libraries' subscription to the Historical New York Times database.

Q. Does this include apps for my mobile device or tablet?

A. Yes, visit to learn more about downloading apps.

Q. What if I need more help?

A. If you need help with your personal account, contact NYT Customer Care.  If you have any additional questions contact the Boston College Libraries.