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Mastering Tableau 10:

  • ​​​"Tableau is perfect for developing creative and powerful data visualizations for any business. It offers professionals looking to spot trends, outliers, and patterns an insightful, data-driven business focus that truly separates the signal from the noise. This course walks you through the fundamentals of Tableau, helping you hone your skills and master core volumes such as Working with Data in Tableau. You will immerse yourself in Tableau 10's new Data Prep features, to provide data integration success. The video will provide viewers with high-quality practical content explaining how to master advanced calculations, dashboards, and visualizations with Tableau. It will teach experienced users how to answer complex queries they've been wrestling with, while also introducing them to tricks they never knew were possible. Lastly, Advanced Interactivity brings it all together by demonstrating many ways in which users can interact with information at their fingertips."

Tableau Beyond the basics:

  • "Know the basics of Tableau and want to further sharpen your skills? Then follow along with Tableau expert Hassan Khan and master more advanced features of Tableau. This hands-on series covers these ten topics: Excel vs. Tableau; Refreshing Data in Tableau; Managing Data in Tableau; Ordering Columns, Sorting Data, and Creating Hierarchies in Tableau; Sorting Data in Graphs using Tableau; Grouping Data in Tableau; Auto-generated Fields in Tableau; Using Numeric/Categorical Variables in Tableau; Combining Dimensions in Tableau; Data Blending in Tableau."

Practical Tableau: 100 tips, tutorials and strategies from a Tableau Zen Master 


ISBN: 9781491977316

Whether you have some experience with Tableau software or are just getting started, this manual goes beyond the basics to help you build compelling, interactive data visualization applications. Author Ryan Sleeper, one of the world’s most qualified Tableau consultants, complements his web posts and instructional videos with this guide to give you a firm understanding of how to use Tableau to find valuable insights in data.