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Black At Boston College


Amplifying & Learning from Black Student Voices 

Black At Boston College:

Black At Boston College

During the Summer of 2020, two Black BC students created the blackatbostoncollege Instagram account to uplift Black voices at BC and help non-Black people realize the impact of their actions and words towards Black students. Over 160 current and former BC students posted stories of their struggles at Boston College.

By sharing these posts, this exhibit hopes to amplify the voices of Black students and to encourage White and other non-Black students to reflect on their role in either perpetuating or preventing racial discrimination at Boston College. For BC to be true to its mission and values as a Jesuit, Catholic institution of higher education, everyone must educate themselves and do the work to be anti-racist. The exhibit provides links to resources that will help with this work, and for deeper learning, don’t forget the many courses offered by the African and African Diaspora Studies Department.


Thanks to the blackatbostoncollege Instagram admins for permission to reproduce these posts.

Exhibit Availability

September 2020 - October 2020

Exhibit Locations

  • O’Neill Library- 3rd floor and 1st floor
  • Bapst Library- Gargan Hall
  • Educational Resource Center -Campion
  • Law Library -Newton Campus
  • Social Work Library -McGuinn
  • Theology and Ministry Library -Brighton Campus


O'Neill Library installation
O'Neill Library installation
O'Neill Library installation
Bapst Library installation
Bapst Library installation
Bapst Library installation
Bapst Library installation
ERC Installation
Law Library installation
Theology and Ministry Library installation
Social Work Library installation



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