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Affordable Course Materials Initiative


Grant Recipients 2015

2015 Process

In this inaugural year of the Affordable Course Materials Initiative, ten grants of support were awarded to faculty applicants. Funding was provided by the Provost. Award decisions were made by a steering group made up of faculty, administrators and librarians. Each faculty member receives support from a dedicated three-person team: a librarian from the steering group, a subject specialist librarian and a Center for Teaching Excellence instructional designer.

Grant Recipients

Faculty member Dept/School Course Target implementation
Sergio Alvarez Computer Science Randomness and Computation Spring 2016
Lynne Christy Anderson English First Year Writing, English Language Learners Fall 2015
Kristen Bottema-Beutel Teacher Education, LSOE Classroom Management Spring 2016
Geraldine Grimm German Studies Intermediate German Fall 2015
Mary Holper Law School Immigration Practice Spring 2016
John Houchin Theater Popular Entertainment Spring 2016
Margaret Lombe Social Work

Frameworks and Tools for Global Practice

Summer 2016
Nanci Haze Peters Maternal/Child Health, CSON Child Health Nursing Theory Fall 2016
Howard Straubing Computer Science Logic and Computation Fall 2015
Pieter VanderWerf Operations Mgt., CSOM Math for Management Science Fall 2015