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Searching the Library Catalog

Advanced search box

From the advanced search:

  1. Limit the Search Scope to Burns Library

  2. Leave at Any field to search by keywords (remember to try multiple options)

    • or narrow your search to Title, Subject, Author, etc. in the drop down menu

  3. Leave at All Items

    •  or choose what Material Type you want to find via the drop down menu: Books, Archives & Manuscripts, Musical Recordings, etc. 

  4. Leave at Any language, or choose what Language you can read

  5. Limit your results to the Date range you are trying to identify

    • Archival collection dates can be very broad, so very specific/narrow date limits often eliminate results

When you have your result list, you'll find more filters on the right-hand side.



You can sort your results by

  • Relevance

  • Date (newest to oldest)

  • Author (A-Z) 

  • Title (A-Z)


If other libraries have this item, they'll be listed in the search results too.

You can limit by various material types, including but not limited to: 

  • Books

  • Archives & Manuscripts

  • Journals 

  • Musical Recordings, etc. 

The  'Subject' filter helps you get down to more specific and closely related results

You can narrow by a specific author 

You can refine (or refine further) by date 

And you can limit the language(s) of the results, to eliminate materials in a language you don’t read. 

You can always reset your filters, or eliminate a few to work your way through the results.


If you're not getting search results, contact us for help. We can do one-on-one consultations to help you tailor your search and locate special collections materials for your project or research.