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Building Photography Policy

Planning a Visit to Burns Library

Policy for Use of Burns Library Spaces for Photography and/or Filming

In cases where photographers or videographers requests to book a room for use in filming, the following policies apply.

Requests to use the Fine Print Room and the Irish Room for filming or photography are considered by Burns Library Administration on a case by case basis. Priority is always given to visiting classes and other events that involve the use of our collections.


  • The Fine Print Room and the Irish Room are the only spaces available for photo shoots and filming in Burns Library.
    • The Thompson Room is not coordinated by Burns Library. Please contact the President’s Office for scheduling that space.
  • Priority is given to requests that highlight or feature the Boston College Libraries or Burns Library.
  • Exhibit materials on display in the hallway or other rooms will remain available to building visitors during filming/photography.
    • Crew and/or equipment can not impede access to displays in public areas.
  • Advance notice is required:
    • For photography or filming, requests should be submitted for review at least two weeks in advance.
    • For requests to display, film, and/or photograph collections/objects, please submit for review at least three weeks in advance.
      • Burns staff must be present when materials are being captured.
      • All collection items requested for filming or photography will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Requests will only be granted during regular library hours. The rooms are not available for photography or filming during the evenings or on weekends.
    • Equipment cannot be set up before 9:30 am, Monday through Friday.
    • All equipment must be removed by 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • The type and amount of lighting and equipment may be limited in order to protect the collections.
    • We recommend that you review the existing configuration of the desired space in advance of your booking date.
    • Crew and/or equipment can not impede traffic flow in public areas.
    • Furniture or collections materials/objects within the room can not be moved to accommodate equipment.
      • Certain chairs may be moved (with prior permission).
    • Equipment or other objects related to the shoot cannot be placed on or against cases or shelving.
    • Burns Library doesn't assume liability for lost/stolen/damaged equipment.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Fine Print Room and Irish Room during photography and filming sessions.
    • Crew can use the Staff Break Room on the 2nd floor.

Place a Request

Please contact us with the following information:

  • Purpose of shoot
  • Room(s) desired
  • Proposed date and estimated time of use
    • estimated arrival time and duration of shoot
  • Number of crew and other participants
  • List of equipment, as well as lighting plan

We will respond to all requests as soon as possible. If your use of the room is approved, the requested block of time will be reserved for your use and we will provide logistical information.