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Pray For Us LogoPray For Us: Holy Cards from the John J. Burns Library Collections

June - September 2019
Burns Library

Holy cards—small images of saints and shrines, often with a prayer or scripture on the reverse—have been part of Catholic life since the 15th century. These small, devotional objects have been collected as works of art, a means to learn specific prayers or scripture, reminders of spiritual life in a secular world, and other religious expressions. This exhibit, drawn from more than a dozen Burns Library collections, highlights holy cards of different styles, eras, locations, and subjects. Visit Burns Library to view this selection of holy cards on display, and perhaps stay to conduct more research on this beautiful format.

Ghost Campus LogoGhost Campus: Vanished Buildings of Chestnut Hill

May - August 2019
Gargan Hall landing

In 1907, Boston College – then in Boston’s cramped South End neighborhood – acquired a parcel of land in nearby Chestnut Hill. As Boston College settled into the neighborhood, it used generous donations to acquire nearby properties, adapted existing structures to its use, and built several new buildings. Buildings come and go as campus needs change over time. With an eye on the past and present, we hope you enjoy these glimpses of the evolution of Chestnut Hill.

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