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Burns Library Past Events



Former events held at Burns Library


Cartoons and the Irish: “Twist a Few Tails”​
Thursday, March 12, Burns Library
4:15 PM lecture
5:15 PM light refreshments

Irish historian Felix Larkin will outline the history of Irish cartoons, from Mathew Carey’s Volunteers’ Journal to Martyn Turner, and cartoons about the Irish, from Daniel O’Connell to Brexit.

Cartoons tend to be undervalued as historical sources. While good history – like good journalism – must be nuanced, reflecting the complexity of issues and situations, good cartoons cut through the verbiage with simple truths that override complexity and get to the heart of the matter. Cartoons can provide great insight into contemporary perceptions of past events, and the arguments – and passions – engendered by those events, as well as opportunities for historians to enhance their work with engaging images.


Devoted Catholic and Determined Writer: Louise Imogen Guiney in Boston
Wednesday, March 25, Burns Library
6:00 PM exhibit viewing and refreshments

Louise Imogen Guiney (1861-1920), one of only two women represented in Bapst Library’s stained glass portraits of American authors, may have faded from the canon, yet she continues to offer a unique window into the multifaceted literary establishment of late 19th-century Boston. Guiney's family and friends connected her to Boston's literary circles where her own drive to write—first, poetry, and later, stories and biographical essays— earned her acclaim, if not the financial independence she sought.

Guiney’s choice of subjects was informed by her Catholic beliefs, her admiration for Jesuits, and her sojourns in Ireland and England. This retrospective exhibit focuses on her relationships with Catholic religious leaders, fellow writers, and publishers in Boston.


Relocating Nationalism between the Regional and Transnational: Unexpected Lessons from the Lives and Works of Amateur Historians

Tuesday, February 18, Burns Library


“Full of Miracles From Childhood”: Miracles in the Liturgies and Lives of Irish Medieval Saints

Thursday, February 20, Connolly House