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Access to Online Resources during COVID-19 Crisis


HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access

The HathiTrust digital library is making a fair-use case in the current pandemic situation to allow member institutions temporary access to digitized copies of in-copyright books held in their physical library collections. As a member of HathiTrust whose library buildings are currently closed, Boston College has obtained this access. 

Boston College community members (faculty, staff, and students) may log using their BC credentials at and search for in-copyright books owned by our library. If those books are present in HathiTrust, logged-in users will be able to access them in a limited, temporary fashion with the following restrictions:

  • Number of concurrent users is limited to the number of physical copies the library owns
  • Full-book downloads will not be enabled, though users may download/print one page at a time
  • The ‘check-out’ period will automatically extend while a user is actively engaging with the book, but will automatically end after 60 minutes of inactivity

More information for users of the service can be found on the HathiTrust webpage titled, "ETAS: Information for Users." To ensure that you only receive results for items that you can access while searching Hathi, make sure to filter your search to “Full View” rather than “All Items”

These limitations only apply to books that are in-copyright and being made available through this temporary emergency access program. Don’t forget that normal HathiTrust offerings include almost 7 million fully available public domain volumes, and that as members, users from the Boston College community may download full PDFs of any public domain volume while logged in, as well as create and share collections of titles!

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