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Burning a DVD

Using cameras, computers, and other equipment in the Social Work Library

Social Work Library: Burning a DVD (SSW Video Project)

If you have used one of the Canon FS400 cameras available at the Social Work Library, you will download your video files onto one of the library's DELL laptops (using the Transfer Utility software on the laptop) and then use Microsoft DVD Maker (also available on the laptop) to burn a DVD. 

If you have used the Canon FS300 camera available at the Social Work Library, you will use the Canon DVD burner (available for checkout at the library) to burn a DVD. (Note that this process does not require a computer; the camera will be directly connected to the DVD burner.)

The type of disc should be DVD–R (not DVD+R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW).  The Social Work Library has some extra DVD-Rs you can use if you forget to bring your own.

Library staff are here to help if you have any questions about burning your DVD.  Instructions on using the cameras and burning a DVD will also be given to you when you check out a camera. 

After burning the DVD and checking it to make sure the video is transferred, students must delete the video from the camera for confidentiality purposes.

Other Options for DVD Burning

If you borrow a camera from another location on campus, check first to see what the procedure is for burning a DVD.

Please note that cameras from locations other than the Social Work Library are likely not compatible with the library’s DVD burning procedures.  If you use a non-Social Work Library camera, you are responsible for burning your own DVD.