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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a Social Work Tool



An introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts and tools.

GIS Support

To request a GIS class presentation or GIS consultation for a research project contact:

Constantin Andronache

ESRI, which produces the main GIS software supported by BC such as ArcGIS, offers many Free ESRI courses. ESRI offers over 50 courses with free modules from basic introductions courses to specialize applications in health care and urban planning.

Boston College GIS Courses

GIS workshops have not yet been scheduled. 

This session will introduce users to:

  • GIS data and technical support at Boston College
  • Examples and demos using Census and Environmental data
  • Options to get data and training will be also discussed.

No prior knowledge of GIS is required.

Other Courses:

The department of  Earth and Environmental Sciences also offers a Spring course:


Applications of Geographical Information Systems (EESC448001)

College of Arts and Sciences    Spring 2015

HON, RUDOLPH    Credits: 04

Monday,  Wednesday

5:00 p.m. - 6:20 p.m. O'NEILL LIBRARY 245


The course covers fundamental concepts and practical applications of GIS in the geosciences, environmental sciences, land use, and other related fields. Students will learn the basics and principles of spatial database management, database query, and preparation of printed maps. Formal presentations and practical assignments in the two-hour lab will use ArcView and ArcGIS software packages, with spatial data sets taken from across the disciplines including geosciences, environmental studies and land use/city planning, marketing, and other fields. 

Students will gain working experience of applying GIS to their studies and research and achieve practical skills for the marketplace.

The Woods College for Advanced Studies offers:

MT 35901  Introductory Geographic Information Systems:Transforming and Targeting Markets

Research Services and the Boston College Libraries offer GIS Tutorials once a semester. Check the latest scheduled tutorial at: