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Staff Picks


Summer 2020

A collection of library staff recommendations. See what we're reading, and maybe find a new favorite book!

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The Tiger's Wife

A young woman tries to piece together the circumstances around her grandfather's mysterious death. She turns to the stories he told her of his encounters with "The Deathless Man" and discovers a childhood of loss, mystery, and tigers.

Recommended by Alison B.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

This is a beautifully written tale of a socially isolated anti hero with a unique and fatal relationship to the intoxicating power of perfume.

Recommended by Paul B.

Dear Girls

Ali Wong is hilarious, her stand up translates so well into the stories about her life!

Recommended by Catherine G.


Jason Reynolds' ability to take a complicated, academic, detailed history (adapted from Kendi's 'Stamped from the beginning: the definitive history of racist ideas in America') and make it relatable and relevant makes for a truly engaging read...even for adults.

Recommended by Tiffeni F.

The Romanovs

Massive in scope, spanning 300 years of war, dynastic conflict and intrigue. This is a wonderful introduction to the highs and lows experienced by the elite within pre-communist Russia.

Recommended by Paul B.

The Underground Railroad

The book narrates the trials and tribulations of Cora, a runaway slave from a plantation in Georgia during the 19th century. Cora’s violent and nightmarish journey to escape bondage, illustrates the awful and corroding effects of slavery in the American society.

Recommended by Rodrigo C.

Lost Children Archive

A wonderful story about books, archives, lost children and much more.

Recommended by Amy H.

The Fifth Season

Excellent Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel from an amazing, classic author. I just read her most recent novel "The City We Became", which is also a strong recommend. This is an incredible story, the first in The Broken Earth trilogy and it will keep you thoroughly engaged while stuck inside.

Recommended by Cat.

A Gentleman in Moscow

This is the perfect social distancing read. It is about a gentleman sentenced to spend his life under house arrest in a hotel, and how he finds joy in each day, despite confinement and monotony. Perfect if you want a little bit of hopeful reading.

Recommended by Leea S.

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper

Using newspaper accounts, coroner's reports, and vital records the author reconstructs the lives of the five Ripper victims. While doing so she sheds light on the horrendous social conditions of poor and working class women in Victorian London.

Recommended by Meg C.

Know My Name

Chanel Miller, known previously as Emily Doe, is the survivor of a 2015 Stanford rape case that made headlines around the world. Her memoir outlines the difficulties of reporting and prosecuting sexual assault on university campuses, and illuminates how we can advocate for legal reform and victim support. Chanel reads the audiobook herself; hearing her voice recount her own story makes it all the more impactful.

Recommended by Paige W.

Exit West

Saeed falls in love when he sees Nadia in a classroom one evening. They start on a surreptitious affair, and as the city (Damascus?) falls into the chaos of civil war, visits get harder. There are unbelievable rumors that portals are opening up to other places in the world, allowing people to escape. By degrees, the book turns from a moving war-time romance to a gripping journey that straddles science fiction and magic realism. It’s an unforgettable parable about disruptions and changes in a world divided by haves and have-nots.

Recommended by Steve R.