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BC Libraries Services Update - COVID-19


Scanning & Streaming for Course Reserves

Scanning & Streaming for Course Reserves

While the Libraries remain closed, we will scan entire books or chapters when needed for research or instruction (discussions in the library community support this emergency-related copyright exception). Requests for scanning will be processed in weekly increments. To facilitate this process, we ask that students contact their professors directly, considering that only faculty can submit course reserves requests. Faculty must submit their requests broken down by chapter and date needed. Some publishers have opened up content to be streamed if we own a film or video on DVD.  Course reserves staff can investigate if a DVD that is being used for class can be made available online. 

Please note that we cannot promise timely fulfillment for this service if demand for it increases dramatically. For questions about timelines for scanning, please contact Course Reserves at The first choice would be for faculty to find alternative online resources. For help with finding alternative online resources, contact your Subject Librarian