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RefWorks Login



Login page for New RefWorks and Legacy Refworks

New RefWorks

Create an Account in New RefWorks

To create a new account in New RefWorks:

  • ​Click "Create account" link
  • Use a email address
  • Create a secure & memorable password
  • Fill out demographic information

Why Use New RefWorks?

Use New RefWorks if:

  • You are an undergraduate using RefWorks for the first time
  • You are a graduate student or faculty member, and you plan to use it for article-length works
  • It is unlikely you will be citing items using foreign character sets
  • Your projects aren't generally collaborative
  • You are not working in Turabian/Chicago Notes/Bibliography style

Old/Legacy RefWorks

Create an Account in Old/Legacy RefWorks

To create an account in Old/Legacy RefWorks:

  • Click "Sign up for new account" beneath the gray login box
  • Use any memorable user name (does not need to be email) and choose a secure and memorable password
  • Fill out demographic information

Why use Legacy RefWorks?

Use Legacy RefWorks for a project if it:

  • involves citations with foreign character sets (esp. Japanese, Chinese, or Korean)
  • is book- or dissertation-length and already begun in Legacy
  • uses Turabian or Chicago Notes & Bibliography style
  • is collaborative, and you're using a Legacy account shared by several people (e.g., literature review)

Migrating from Legacy to New RefWorks

To migrate citation records from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks:

  • Login to legacy RefWorks
  • Click "Move to the newest version of RefWorks" 
  • Once migrated, you can continue to use Legacy RefWorks, and/or begin to use New RefWorks.

What's going on with RefWorks?

As a new version of RefWorks was being created, a series of corporate buyouts within a few years created a confusing environment for development and planning. Ex Libris seems to be adding some stability by committing to maintaining the old version of RefWorks (Legacy RefWorks) as long as people are using it, and accelerating development and fixes for New RefWorks*. For more details, scroll to the bottom of the Get Started page on this RefWorks Guide.

*Ex Libris/ProQuest announced on 1-31-18 that they will be maintaining Legacy RefWorks indefinitely.