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Podcasting Support


Recording Tools and Software

A digital reference for podcasting support for students and educators.

The basic tools of recording are a microphone and audio software. There are a variety of resources at the O'Neill Library available for use, however you can also make a podcast from a personal laptop. 


Most laptops come with built in microphones which can be used for recording. For a richer recording, it is recommended that you use an external microphone.

O'Neill library has 2 Yeti USB microphones that can be borrowed for a 4 day period.

Sound Room

The Digital Studio also provides use of the Sound Room for BC users. This space is a small recording booth that contains a Mac desktop computer, microphone, and amplifier. This space features foam paneling which helps reduce background noise in your recording, and has a capacity for two users. It can be booked by the hour during weekdays from 9am-7pm using our online form.

Sound Room with computer and keyboard


The Digital Studio in the O'Neill Library has a wide variety of audio recording software for use by BC users, including:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Audacity
  • Garageband

The Audacity software is open source, meaning it is freely available for download by any user. This software is recommended for users who wish to record and edit their podcasts on their personal computer.