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Literary Research


Secondary Criticism: Articles

This guide is intended to assist students who are conducting research on literature in English.

Types of Journals

    Most popular journals, such as Time and Esquire are not academically or research- focused. On the other hand, American Literature, ELH , or The Journal of Modern Literature are examples of scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that are generally preferred by researchers.

      Features of a Peer-Reviewed Journal
      Articles submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication consideration are sent by the editor to several reviewers who are experts in the field covered by the article. These experts then contact the editor with a recommendation to publish or not to publish. This rigorous review process gives articles credibility and intellectual prestige.

        Magazine/Popular Periodical Databases

        Most popular magazine articles written contemporaneously to the time studied are considered primary sources.

        Dissertations and Theses

        Peer-Reviewed Articles: Literature Databases

        Peer-Reviewed Articles: Databases from Other Disciplines

        Peer-Reviewed Articles: Multidisciplinary Databases