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Irish History (Irish Studies)


Sources for Historical Research

This is a guide to resources in Irish and Irish-American History.

Highlighted Resource


Photo by Paul Kehrer

The House of Commons British Parliamentary Papers online database contains the full-text of sessional papers presented to Parliament.

The papers include reports of committees and royal commisions, accounts, public bills. The coverage is from 1688-2005.

Sources for Historical Research

Primary sources are materials that provide a historical record for the way life was in the past or how a particular event or movement came to be and unfolded.

Such sources include first-hand accounts such as those found in diaries, memoirs, letters and newspaper articles. Video and audio recordings of events also provide historical record. Other important sources are records of government proceedings.

Secondary sources include books, textbooks, encyclopedias and articles that analyze the data presented by primary sources. The Boston College Libraries own many works authored by eminent scholars in the field of Irish and Irish-American History.