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Earth and Environmental Sciences


Building the Collection

This is a guide to the major resources in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College.

Collection Emphases

The Earth & Environmental Sciences collection supports the needs and requirements of the research and teaching faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, students at the undergraduate and masters level, researchers at the Weston campus, and the general interests of the Boston College community. It is housed primarily at O’Neill Library, with a focused  geophysics and seismology collection housed at the Catherine O’Connor Library at Weston Observatory.

Areas of collection strength reflect faculty research areas and include coastal processes, seismology, environmental geology,  geophysics, earth surface processes, hydrology, petrology, geochemistry, sedimentary systems, tectonics, structural geology, and biochemical evolution and astrobiology.

More on Collections

For information about how the library collections at Boston College are being developed, go to the Collections page.

Help Us Build the Collections

Please feel free to recommend items for the library collections by e-mailing the Earth & Environmental Sciences Librarian, Enid Karr.

E-Books in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Collection

When acquiring new monographs in Earth & Environmental Sciences, both e-Books and print books are considered.  Some factors in the decision-making process include: preference of faculty recommending purchase, nature of the work (is it a book of stand-alone chapters, meant to be read like journal articles, or a book meant to be read cover to cover, or a reference book), price differential between electronic and print versions, earlier publication in one format or the other, and e-Book platform issues.  This list is not comprehensive, as the nature of e-Books and their marketing is a rapidly evolving area. Also see  the Boston College Libraries general policies on the E-Books at Boston College guide.

Some key series are acquired as standing orders where every volume is automatically purchased as it becomes available (for instance, GSA Special Papers) or electronic packages (for instance, Geological Society of London Special Publications and Memoirs via The Lyell Collection ).  In these cases, the format is preselected.

In addition to purchases made for Earth & Environmental Sciences, we have access to vast collections of public domain e-Books (generally older and out of copyright, but also materials created by the government) which can be found via Holmes.

Please send any feedback related to e-Book acquisition to

Acquisition Highlights

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