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How do I access a book on HathiTrust?

How do I access a book on HathiTrust?

First, what is the HathiTrust?

The HathiTrust is a digital library consisting of items that have been digitized from the collections of academic libraries and other research institutions from around the world.  As an emergency measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, the full text of items in the digital library have been made accessible to membership institutions, based on what they owned in their print collections.  

How do I access materials available on HathiTrust?

You can access HathiTrust materials by searching the BC Libraries' catalog.  The link designating that the item is in HathiTrust looks like this (see screenshot below):

Full text available at HathiTrust link

To access the content, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Full Text Available at HathiTrust" link.
  2. Enter your BC credentials into the BC login form.
  3. If you are not logged into HathiTrust immediately, click on the login button in the upper right toolbar.hathitrust login
  4. Make sure that the "Member Institution" drop-down menu is set to "Boston College" and click "Continue." HathiTrust membership login
  5. You should then see a catalog record for the resource you want to access which features a section titled "Viewability."  Click on  "Temporary access."  hathitrust catalog record temporary access link
  6. You should then be taken to a screen where you have the opportunity to check out the resource from the digital library.  Click on "Check out."  HathiTrust check out button
  7. You should be taken to a page with PDF reader where you will be able to page through the resource.  
  8. Please be sure to return the book if you are done using it so that it can be used by other people.  To return it, click on the "Return early" button.  HathiTrust return early button



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