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ERC COVID-19 Service Modifications


Getting Started

This guide explains the changes to ERC policies, services, and physical spaces during this pandemic.

BC Libraries COVID 19 Policy Modifications

In an effort to keep the BC community safe during the pandemic the following modifications have been implemented throughout the BC Libraries:

BC Libraries: COVID 19 Library Policy Modifications

temporary library policies screenshot

Safety Precautions

Visitors must follow BC, State and CDC guidelines for safety.  They include:

  • Face coverings must be used at all times within the libraries
  • Safe distancing must be maintained when seated or waiting in lines
  • Wipe surfaces before and after using
  • Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • Follow instructions posted throughout library spaces

Spaces for Online Classes

The following library spaces allow noise and are suitable for attending an online course.

O'Neill: Third floor north side (Reading Room and behind Reference)

Bapst: Lower art stacks

ERC: Anywhere

TML: Classrooms 112, 214, 319 (when classes are not scheduled)

Law: In study rooms (one person per room)

---Additionally, these spaces are generally available 9am-5pm when classes are not in session.

  • Fulton Hall: Honors library, 210, 240, 310, 423, and 260 when it comes online. 
  • Gasson Hall: library
  • Devlin Hall: Admissions lounge
  • O'Neill Library: 246, 246A, 247, 248
  • McGuinn Hall: 011, 029, 030, 437, 526
  • Stokes Hall:
    • Cluster A: 103S, 105S, 107S, 131S, 133S
    • Cluster B: 203S, 205S, 207S
    • Cluster C: 117N, 121N, and 217N

Reduced Hours

Hours for the ERC are available here.

G16 Classroom

To access the G16 classroom please use the entrance and exit doors located in the hallway. G16 will not be accessible through the library.

Interactive Technology Room

This space will be utilized as additional space for social distancing purposes by staff only. 

Disinfecting Stations

After utilizing the tables and computers, please disinfect your area with provided cleaner before leaving.

Moving Furniture

The furniture in the Libraries has been configured to meet CDC and State guidelines for safe distancing and maximum occupancy.  Please do not relocate furniture or remove chairs from storage areas.

Lost and Found

The ERC will no longer collect or store items left in the library by patrons. 

Need help? Librarian Assistance

Appointment will be held virtually. Book an appointment here.

Laptop Loan Program

Find out about access to laptop loans here.

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