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Economic & Financial Forecasting ECON 222912


Economic Indicators Basics

Key resources for locating time series data with monthly, quarterly or annual frequencies. Data, including economic indicators, allow students to apply forecasting theory to actual business and economic time series data.

What are Indicators?

Most definitions from Economist research tool, Economics A-Z.

1. Total Output, Income, and Spending
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) -
Real GDP
Gross Domestic Product and Related Price Measures:
Indexes and Percent Changes
Nonfinancial Corporate Business-Output, Price, Costs, and Profits
Implicit Price Deflators for Gross Domestic Product
National Income
Real Personal Consumption Expenditures
Sources of Personal Income
Disposition of Personal Income
Industrial Output
Farm Income
Corporate Profits
Real Gross Private Domestic Investment
Real Private Fixed Investment by Type
Business Investment
2. Employment, Unemployment, and Wages
Status of the Labor Force
Selected Unemployment Rates
Average Weekly Hours, Hourly Earnings, and Weekly Earnings
Private Nonagricultural Industries
Employment Cost Index—Private Industry
Nonagricultural Employment
Productivity and Related Data, Business Sector
3. Production and Business Activity
Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization
Industrial Production—Major Market Groups and
Selected Manufactures
New Construction
New Private Housing and Vacancy Rates
Business Sales and Inventories
Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders
4. Prices
Producer Prices
Consumer Prices
Changes in Producer Prices for Finished Goods
Changes in Consumer Prices—All Urban Consumers
Prices Received and Paid by Farmers
5. Money, Credit, and Security Markets
Money Stock (M1, M2, and M3) and Debt Measures
Bank Credit at All Commercial Banks
Components of Money Stock
Aggregate Reserves and Monetary Base
Sources and Uses of Funds, Nonfarm Nonfinancial
Corporate Business
Consumer Credit
Interest Rates and Bond Yields
Common Stock Prices and Yields
6. Federal Finance
Federal Receipts (Revenue)
Federal Outlays (Expenses)
Federal Sector, National Income Accounts Basis
7. International Statistics
Industrial Production and Consumer Prices of Major Industrial Countries
U.S. International Trade In Goods and Services
U.S. International Transactions (Balance of Trade etc,)

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Economic Indicators Basics

Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries, such as unemployment, housing starts, Consumer Price Index (a measure for inflation), industrial production, bankruptcies, Gross Domestic Product, broadband Internet penetration, retail sales, stock market prices, and money supply changes.

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