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CHEM6611: Scientific Communication in Chemistry


Interdisciplinary Databases

Overview of library resources supporting graduate research

Database Attributes

Database comparison
  ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Scopus Web of Science
Quick guide

Proquest's support website

Scopus® Quick reference guide (PDF)

Web of Science Core Collection Reference Guide (PDF)

1861– (with some European dissertations back from the 17th century)

Source items from 1960– (with selected older material)

Source items from 1900–

Literature Types

Master's and doctoral theses and dissertations; 50+ languages

Journal articles, books (and some book chapters), conference papers, patents, trade journals; 40+ languages

Journal articles, selected books (and some book chapters), selected conference papers, ; 35+ languages

Purpose(s) Breadth: indexing and full text hosting of international culminating graduate work Citation database; also permits searching broadly across disciplines

Citation database; also permits searching broadly across disciplines

Updates Weekly Daily


Additional notes Full text may be embargoed 6 months–2 years Minimal subject indexing. Covers a larger range of sources than Web of Science, but less widely accepted as a research impact assessment tool in the US.

Minimal subject indexing. Widely accepted in US academe (and sometimes abused) as a research impact assessment tool.