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This guide lists key sources of Census data covering both the latest releases from the current 2000 Census and data going back to 1790. Print and electronic sources are included.

Local Data

MassBenchmarks: The State Data Center
Program of the UMass Donahue Institute's Economic and Public Policy Research Unit. The Census Bureau provides data products, training, technical assistance, and consultation to data centers, which then offer products and assistance to local community leaders, planners, businesses, researchers, and the general public. Quick Excel spreadsheets of Massachussetts city and state data.

The O'Neill Library has an affiliation with the Census Bureau's State Data Centers

Census 2010 for Boston Neighborhoods
Census 2000 data for Boston Neighborhoods. Also includes maps.

General Characteristics of the Population: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State, County, and City Profiles. (O'Neill Stacks HA 431.5 1990 .G36x).

Selected Population and Housing Characteristics: Massachusetts, Massachusetts Counties, and Massachusetts Cities and Towns. (O'Neill Stacks HA 431.5 1990 .S353x).

The following set of publications provides eight-page profiles for the state, the counties, and the city of Boston and its neighborhoods. They are:

State and County Profiles for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1990 Census)(O'Neill Stacks HA 431.5 .S727x 1991).

Neighborhood Profiles for the City of Boston  1990(O'Neill Stacks HA 730 .B67N34x 1991).

Population & Housing Profile U.S. Census STF1, 1990: Boston and Its Neighborhoods (BRA Report Nos. 410-426; O'Neill Stacks HA 431.5 1990 .P66x).

Neighborhood Profiles for the City of Boston 1980

Population and Housing Unit Estimates. U.S. Census Bureau
Intercensal estmimates from the national level down to major metropolitan area level. Includes current and historical estimates. Data in space delimited text format, PDF and some tables offer option to download in Excel format.