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Resources for History Graduate Students


Political & Legal

This is a guide to history resources for graduate students.

Page under Construction

This page is currently under construction and far from complete. If you notice broken links or have suggestions, please write the subject librarian an e-mail. 

Core Political & Legal Databases

Additional U.S. Political & Legal Databases

International Political & Legal Databases

Personal Papers

Legislative History

A legislative history is a collection of the documents created by Congress or a state legislature during the process of enacting or rejecting a proposed law. They provide evidence that members of the legislative body were aware of particular facts and include comments and recommendations of committees and members of the legislative body.

For help locating them, see the BC Law Library guide on Federal Legislative Histories.

More Political & Legal Resources

  • The databases listed here are only a portion of our political and legal collections. See the Government Documents Portal for a more complete list.

For additional help

For additional recommendations, contact your subject liaison (Dr. Bee Lehman) at or schedule an appointment with them.