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EDUC6497 Intervention for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Formatting Basics

This guide was created to assist students with the final paper assignment.


Your paper should be:

  • Approximately 12 pages in length (including all sections)
  • The font should be 12pt.
  • Double-space throughout your paper.
  • APA citation style should be used for references, and in-text citations, headings, and page formatting

Sections of the paper

Your paper should include the following :

1. Abstract: A summary of the main points of the paper.

2. Introduction: Indicate the intervention you will study and the type of student for whom it was designed. Briefly describe the feature of ASD that the intervention targets (i.e., the outcomes shown to be affected by the intervention).

3. Intervention Description: Describe the main features or procedures involved in the intervention.

4. Review of the literature: A summary of the existing literature on the intervention. This section should integrate the research you conducted, with ideas identified across references. It should NOT read as distinct summaries of each journal article. In this section, you should also describe the mechanism by which the intervention achieves the outcomes listed in the introduction. Include both pros and cons of the intervention. What empirical evidence shows that the intervention CAN and DOES work? What are strengths and weaknesses of the intervention? Based on the articles included in your paper, are there any misconceptions about how people usually think about or implement the intervention?

5. Summary and Conclusions: Summarize the take-home points, and provide recommendations for 1) further study, and 2) for educators. You should indicate here the extent to which there is sufficient evidence for educators to adopt the practice.

6. References: At least 10 quality and recent references (i.e., from peer-reviewed journals from 2010 or later). If you have trouble generating a sufficient number of references that meet these criteria, please see me.


APA Style requires the use of headings in your paper. Headings reveal your paper's organization and separate the sections within your paper.

  • In most cases, you will be using two levels of headings.
  • The main headings will be centered and in boldface type.
  • Your subheadings will be aligned to the left and also in boldface type.
  • Your introduction section does not need a heading.

Reference Page

Basic rules for the reference page:

  • The word "References" is centered at the top of the page, and capitalized at the first word (no underlining or italics are needed).
  • Arrange references in alphabetical order by the author's last name.
  • Double space between and within references.
  • Use initials for the first and middle names of authors.
  • Have a hanging indent at the second line of the reference.