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Religious Quest: Islam and Christianity


Getting Started

Introductory resources for the study of Islam and Christianity in the core curriculum

Background Sources


Locating Books in O'Neill

Most of the print book collection on Islam and Christianity is located on the fifth floor of O'Neill, arranged by call numbers beginning with B, BP for Islam and BR-BX for various aspects of Christianity. They're in the northeast corner, which is the side furthest from Gasson and closest to the Boston skyline.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Citing Your Sources

All scholarship builds on the work of other scholars. It's how scholars learn their disciplines. Acknowledging where your facts, ideas, and interpretations come from is a critical piece of scholarly ethics.

Four Rules for Citing Well

  1. Cite the source(s) for each fact, quotation, or interpretation you use
  2. Cite the original source, not the person quoting it. Look at it yourself first.
  3. Quote as little as necessary to make the point; summarize in your own words instead. Your paper should be mostly your words, not your sources'.
  4. Unless your professor has a preference, use whatever style you're most comfortable with

For the mechanics of how to work with the various styles, see our guide to citing sources.

Theology Librarian

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