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FWS Library Session: Professor Paula Mathieu


Your Topics and Suggested Databases

Suggested Databases

Databases for Your Topics


These are good for all topics:

None of our databases on the platform are currently working off campus with Openathens.  You can get any of these links to work by adding the EZproxy prefix to the beginning of the URL (


For example:

Christina Klinoff→ As student athletes, how do you maintain motivation in times of uncertainty? How do we keep pushing forward when we are unsure if we will get to compete due to the virus? How can we compete effectively when so much has changed in our sport? (masks while we play, social distancing, no body contact for some sports)

Gjerovica Jenny Gosturani -> How can social media have an effect on young girls mental health and contribute to eating disorders?


Cooper Mae→ How have romantic relationships changed in an era dominated by technology compared to when there was no technology? 


Analiese Deosaran → How has an increase in technology and alone time affected our attention span? Has our ability to concentrate decreased or increased?

Nova Chen → In this chaotic time, how do peer pressure influence people from different age groups and the reason why different groups of people reacting differently.


Duncan Wang: How are stereotypes formed? How do technology and the internet spread the stereotypes and make them deeply rooted in people’s minds?


John Lucas→ How technology affects students' mental health and focus. How to disconnect from technology, and get rid of stress from today’s bubbly lifestyle. 


Marco DePasquale → As college students living and studying in a very chaotic time, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. We have talked about meditative moments in our lives, but can a walk around campus or even the labyrinth be effective in relieving stress. Do studies show meditation and a break from technology are beneficial to a more stress-free life?


Fernando Toranzo Albero - How have the different neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston progressed/regressed in terms of racial relations? 


Jess Stolz - To what extent has medical schools graduating students early in response to COVID-19 affected the med-students?


Stephanie Terrero- Many of often are scared to ask for help. However, sometimes another set of eyes are needed for us to completely understand a concept. Writing in particular sometimes can come off very biased. How does peer review help us to improve our writing?


Andrew Sim - How do figures like Kanye West and the writers of South Park use their art as cultural exposition, or do they merely revel in the opportunity to incite controversy?


Jack Eagan - What is the role and relationship between cognitive dissonance during times of uncertainty?


Min Kyu Park- How does racial profiling happen over technology and how is it different/treated differently compared to in real life.