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FWS Library Session: Professor Paula Mathieu


Your Topics and Suggested Databases

Databases for Your Topics

Mental Health/Illnessand how it's treated by BC/Universities in eneral

Is there stigma associated with seeking help and accommodations? How well do universities (BC) support students?


Race and racism at BC/on college campuses: how do white students feel about students of color, what does racism look like on campuses today, how are universities working to make campuses more racially welcoming. History of AHANA term--is that working still at BC? Does it hide a lack of black students on campus?   

How children develop attitudes about race; how kids become racist/anti-racist.

LGBTQ college students at BC and elsewhere. Is the welcoming spirit that is presented in marketing materials present in practice? How do BC (and other U) policies about LGBTQ students shape the environment? How does BC's policy differ from other Jesuit schools? What are the barriers to creating an LGBTQ center on campus? How does that absence make LGBTQ students feel on campus?


Promoting sexual health and sexual-assault prevention on a catholic campus. If the Catholic line is that students shouldn't be sexually active, does that make teaching about consent, sexual health, and preventing sexual assault more difficult? How can BC promote sexual safety and consent? (Is there a parallel, perhaps with alcohol? Most BC students are under 21, thus drinking would be illegal, but BC actively trains and teaches about alcohol awareness and safety.)


Are student athletes at D1 schools compensated fairly? Should they be paid? How do issues of economics, race, and gender play into this issue?

Bias in the media) What stories do and don't get told? 



Databases for Your Topics


Economic diversity, low-income students at BC/colleges. How is "need blind" assessed/defined? How hard is it to be a student from a low-income family on a campus full of wealthy students?

The availability/lack of ability of food on campuses that reflects the full diversity of college students. At BC, finding vegetarian, halal, or the kinds of cuisines Asian/African kids eat at home is very difficult. How do college campuses differently make students welcome/unwelcome over food availability on campus?
Exploring students of color in the Boston Public schools--are they expelled, disciplined differently than white kids. What is the Barron Center, where BPS sends troubled kids? Does it rehabilitate or just get kids ready for prison?
What is the history of alcohol use on college campuses? How did drinking become synonymous with being a college student? How is that history connected to issues of gender, race and income? Have college campuses always been a place of heavy drinking?
Diversity among college faculty (racial/ethnic/gender and other).