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Support for Online Learning

Support During the Shift to Online Learning

Going fully online is an adjustment for everyone, and I want to do everything possible to make it easier and less stressful for you. On this page, you'll find information on the common questions folks tend to have about online access. 

Remember: if you're off campus, you'll need to use your BC credentials to access online library content. 

When prompted, enter your BC login information, just as you would to log into Canvas, Agora, or the BC printing system.

This is not your Gmail password. 

Do not include with your username.

If you've forgotten your BC password, you can change it by answering challenge questions in Agora. More information on that here

Introduction to the BC Libraries Website

The BC Libraries website is your gateway to millions of online resources that you can access off campus. Watch this short video learn more about how you can find and access the online materials you need.

Finding Full Text Articles

When you're searching the databases, you may come across articles that don't appear to offer a direct PDF link. Instead, you'll see a red button that says Find at BC.

Full text options box from database with Find it at BC Button.

Click that button and you will be redirected to the library website. 

On the article's website page, you should see a section that says "Find Online."

Article record on library website. Find online is underlined. Request article is also underlined.

If there are links in that box, click them to be redirected to the full text of the article. If it says "not found online" in that box, click Request Article and follow the instructions on this page to place an interlibrary loan request. 

ILL requests may be delayed at this time. Please contact me to find alternative materials if you need something ASAP.

Accessing Online Course Reserves

Access your digital course reserves two ways:

1. Log into Canvas. Select a course from your dashboard. Navigate to the "Library resources and course reserves" tab. If your course has digital reserves, they will be listed and linked under "Readings." Note: physical items (books in the library) may also be listed here.


Library materials and course reserves page in canvas. A physical book record is listed under Readings.


2. Log into your course reserves account using your BC login. From the library home page, select Services and then Course Reserves. Log in to see a list of your courses for this semester. Select a course to view a list of reserves for your class.

 Services menu from library homepage. Course reserves is underlined.

Searching for Ebooks

If you. need to use a book source for your research paper, ebooks are your best bet now that the BC Libraries buildings have closed. You can find ebooks by doing an advanced search on the library website. 

1. Limit your search to online resources:


2. Add your search terms, just like you would in a database. Remember to start broad, just as you would for any book search. 

3. On the results page, use the "Material Type" limiter on the right side menu to choose Books and eBooks. 




Accessing Ebooks

After following the steps from the "Locating Ebooks" box, you'll have a list of online books. Some of these books are traditional ebooks, with a Find Online button:

Image of book result; Find Online is circled

To access these books, click the link in the "Find Online" box to view the entire ebook. 

Image of book catalog record on library website; link to Books at JSTOR is circled.

Other books results might say, "Full Text Available at HathiTrust":

Image of book result; Full text Available at HathiTrust is circled.

Click that HathiTrust link and log in.  On the next page, scroll down to the "Temporary Access" link. 

Image of book record in HathiTrust. Temporary Access link is circled.

On the next page, click the "Check Out" button in the yellow bar. You'll then be able to view the whole book in your browser.