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For Social Work Faculty


Reserves Information


For Course Reserves inquires, please contact Abby Heingartner.

Submitting Course Reserves

The Social Work Library provides course reserves services for social work courses.

Faculty should submit a syllabus to the BCSSW Program Assistants for final formatting. The Program Assistants will forward a copy of the final syllabus to the library when it is ready.


Every digitization request must be considered in light of fair use. Typically, for course reserves, the scanning of one entire chapter or ten percent of a book will comport with fair use, though slightly more may be appropriate when no digital options are available for purchase or licensing.


Some items may need to be ordered, scanned, recalled, or repaired, which can cause a delay between the time a syllabus is received and the time the material is available for student use. Because of this, syllabi should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure reserves are completed for the first week of classes. Syllabi received close to the beginning of the semester will be worked on in weekly increments until reserves are completed.


Required readings are placed on a course’s reserves list. This includes

  • Books
  • Book chapters (scanned and available in PDF if allowed by copyright guidelines; otherwise the book will be placed on reserve)
  • Articles
  • Links to Internet resources (this is done as a convenience for students; note that these are not library resources and may disappear at any time)
  • Personal copies
  • Coursepacks

Exceptions include:

  • DVDs. Because needs differ from one course to another, the library will not place a DVD on reserve unless specifically requested by a faculty member.
  • Materials provided by faculty and placed directly on the Canvas sites.
  • Materials that the library is unable to place on reserve and that students must acquire on their own, e.g., case studies that students purchase and access online.
  • Rarely the library will not have a resource and will not be able to acquire it; faculty will be notified if this happens.

Recommended (but not required) readings are not placed on reserve.

Additional requests will be fulfilled under course reserves and copyright guidelines. For example, if faculty want to assign a recommended article, it can be placed on reserve. Faculty should email Abby Heingartner.

Removal of Course Reserve Material

Course reserve lists are available only when the course is being taught.

Items on reserve at the Social Work Library will be removed at the end of each semester unless they are needed for the following semester.

To remove an item on reserve during the semester, please email Abby Heingartner with the title(s) of the item(s).

Additional Information

Copyright Information

Boston College Copyright Guidance for E-Reserves 

Course Reserves & Canvas

A link to the Library Course Reserves list appears in every Canvas site and can also be accessed through the library Course Reserves lookup.

Course Reserves for Visually Impaired Students

Students should contact the Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities to obtain textbooks or course readings in a format that is accessible to them. A full list of disability services is available from the Disabilities Services Office.