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TMNT 7023 Introduction to the New Testament


Bible Options

This guide will provide quick access to important research tools for the study of the New Testament.

There Are Many Versions of the Bible Available at the TML

NRSV Bibles

At the School of Theology and Ministry (STM), you will likely be encouraged to use the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) as your primary study Bible. Here (below) are a few of your NRSV options at TML. Please note that some of these Bibles may be on course reserve at any given time.

Protestant and/or ecumenical translations

And, besides the NRSV, here are a few good choices from the Protestant and/or ecumenical perspective.

Some modern Catholic translations

When analyzing a particular New Testament pericope (e.g., while doing exegesis), it can be very helpful to consult and compare multiple translations of your chosen text. Here are a few good choices from the Catholic perspective.