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The Politics of Division: Northern Ireland, 1921–Present



This aim of this guide is to support the research needs of students in this class.

Search the Library Online Catalog for Films about Northern Ireland

Go to "Advanced Search" in the Library Online catalog.

Using drop-down menu in the top box on left hand side choose "Subject"

In the blank field next to "Subject" choose "contains phrase"

Type "Northern Ireland" in the blank box

On right hand side of screen in field labeled "Material Type" choose "Films and Video"

Click on "Search"

You will see a list of records in the online for films related to Northern Ireland.



Films on Northern Ireland


Click on the links below to go directly to records in Holmes for films related to the study of Northern Ireland.  See box at left for searching instructions to retrieve more records in the online catalog.


Behind the Mask


Bloody Sunday






No Tea for Soldiers


Out of the Ashes: Northern Ireland's Fragile Peace


Some Mother's Son


Unexpected Openings: Northern Ireland's Prisoners



Subject Guide

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