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Hometown, Then and Now (EN 010-07 & -23)


Local Histories Online

Research sources and tips for the hometown history assignment in Mariette Landry's FWS classes.

Local History in Google Books

Many local histories published before 1923 and out of copyright are available online via Google Books. These books—examples are shown on this page—can be excellent places to get ideas about a town's history and to find details of specific events and people.

Brockton, Massachusetts

Finding Local Histories

To search for a history of your town, enter the name of the town in a Google search.  When the results come up, click on "More" on the left side of screen, then on "Books" on the next screen.  

To see what full books are available, scroll down and click on "Free Google eBooks."  You won't find a history of every town, but there are many available.

Trenton, New Jersey

Other Online Books

Google Books is not the only source of online local histories.  Try these other sources for full books as well.

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania