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CH 107: Chemistry for the Life Sciences


Journal Articles on Your Topic

Resources tailored to this core curriculum class.

Tips for Better Searches

Use synonyms for your concepts
**including both more specific and/or more general terminology can be useful
so, not just "air pollution", but also: emissions, particulates

**in chemistry-related searches, it's often good to include the chemical symbol:
mercury, Hg

**are there useful abbreviations?
in searching chlorofluorocarbons (another pollutant example) , you would also want to use CFC (s)

Use the wildcard symbol (often the asterisk (*)) when available
**pollut*  >> retrieves pollution, pollutant, pollutants

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase
For example: "mercury emissions"

Use Boolean operators when allowed
AND – use to combine concepts (when both must be present)
OR – use for synonyms (when either term could be present)
Use parentheses to group terms

Put it all together:
(global warming or climate change) AND (chlorofluorocarbon* or CFC* or freon*)

Some Particularly Useful Journals for this Class

Keep your eyes open for these several journals that cover a broad array of science topics and that often offer less-technical content.  You can browse these, or search for specific topics using the databases listed below.

Find journal articles on scientific (and other) topics -- Databases to try

Review Articles -- Can provide useful summaries for non-specialists

Look for "review articles" when you're starting to learn about a new topic.  In addition to summaries, they also provide lists of key references. Besides the Annual Reviews database linked below, find them by searching most databases (often there is a "review" limiter), or look for the word, "review" in the title of the article. 

Environmental Science Databases

Print Resource to Try

Applied Science and Technology Index 1958 - 2011 (O'Neill Library Stacks No Loan (T1 .A664 )
An annual index which can be very good at locating less technical (more general) journal articles … and fairly applied (“real life” applications) articles.

Subject Guide

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