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CH 107: Chemistry for the Life Sciences


Google and More

Resources tailored to this core curriculum class.

Diving Right In

You'll find lots of great content on the Web.  However, it's important to choose these resources with care, evaluating for reliability.

Evaluating Web Sources

  • Who is the author? 

Consider searching some of the databases listed in this guide to find other publications by this author – is this author publishing in scholarly journals, as well?

  • What is his/her affiliation?  Is he/she affiliated with a respected/reliable institution -- educational, government, non-governmental agency (United Nations, for example).
  • What is the possible bias of the web site?

  • How current is the information?

A Few Science-Focused Search Engines

Listed here some of the best general-purpose science search engines.  Scroll down to find more links that might be particularly useful for this class.

Google Tips

In Google, try using the Advanced Searching option for more control of your retrieval:
Notice that once you start typing in your search terms, a "gear" image appears on the far right, under "Sign In".
Click here to enter the "Advanced Search" page.

Google Search

  • Once in Advanced Search, scroll down the page to see options for narrowing your results.  As shown here, consider limiting your retrieval to the domains for educational institutions (.edu) or government web sites (.gov).  These will usually give you the most reliable information.

         Limit by domain -- try .edu, .gov

  • If you are unsure about the quality of a web site and would like to see if other, respected web sites are linking to it, search your term by inserting link:query -- copy and paste in the url for the page under consideration.



Try out Google Scholar – -- where your retrieval will be limited primarily to journal articles and educational web sites.

Subject Guide

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